Trip Log - Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The snowfall from yesterday made some interesting hiking!

It looks like the snow finally stopped and we can see the town rather clearly.

An hour later and it looks there is another snow coming in to town.

Well, it is now really clear and bright. Good day for a nice crisp hike.

Dan enjoys watching the outdoors from inside in his comfy chair besides the in-room heaters. He is imagining a hike through the snow, in the cold, brisk pace; but it is all in his mind. This is his favorite way to experience activities.

Well, we were quite excited for the breakfast buffet. Unfortunately, with only 60-70 guests in the hotel, the buffet is not offered. We were bummed. Turned out ok though. I got a chicken breat with fruit for breakfast.

Dan had a couple eggs, some potatoes, lots of toast, ham. Hopefully enough food to sustain himn for our strenuous hiking we have planned!

Well, the hike started out innocently enough. The roads were plowed. We wondered about the conditions of the trails.

Yikes! The snow on the trails is up to Dan's knees! Take the free bus? What? No way! We can make it. It's all downhill. No problemo.

The snow stayed pretty deep all the way down to the Fairmont. Probably mid-calf most ofthe way.

The temperature was about 20 F but we were heating up so had to strip hats and gloves on the journey to the Fairmont.

At the Fairmont, we decided to take a small loop across Spray River and back to Bow falls. The first portion had been somewhat plowed and a few people had left ski trails. Unfortunately it was a bit difficult to walk in this snow cause we still sank. Snowshoes would have been convenient. We saw the cutoff to the river and took that. The trail was downhill, but there were no tracks. A bit difficult.

Dan was thinking Kristin should have just taken the sidewalk to the Bow Falls. He would rather be sitting by a fireplace beep-booping on his computer.

Finally we reached the bridge across Spray River. Thsi is about halfway around the loop.

Down the river, the Fairmont sits majestically.

We could be at the Fairmont, on a sidewalk. Instead we are trudging through deep powder. Could this get worse?

Here is the Fairmont.

And the trail off the bridge back to the town. Hmmm... looks deep. No other option but forward.

It's not as cold as it was when we started this hike!

The jacket came off too!

Finally we made it to the golf course and crossed the great white field.

A look back on the Spray River.

Dan looks over te vast land he just conquered.

We made it to Bow Falls.

Here is a view looking to the right.

Here is a view to the left.

And a different view to the right.

We walked on the road a bit but that was not tough enough so we headed to another unplowed trail.

But we made it to the town!